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"Nothing is more powerful than telling a story and presenting the facts. It is the most effective way to win a jury of your peers. Crisp Video has mastered that technique in telling YOUR story to YOUR jury, the public. A clear, concise, humble, real story in your words is the secret sauce of Crisp video. I love their product and you will love their results.

- Harlan Schillinger, Legal Marketing Expert

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Dominating on Social Media with Legal Video

Digital Marketing Workshop

Sunday, January 19
3:00 PM

It's undeniable: to stay relevant, your law firm must be on social media. To effectively leverage social media, you need to have a dominant strategy.

This presentation will cover what the current digital marketing landscape looks like, which social strategies get the best results for today's law firms, and the most effective way to connect with your ideal clients with video.

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What Got You Here, Won't Get You There!

Business of Law Keynote

Monday, January 20
9:00 AM
Americana 4

If you're a law firm owner engaged in the business of your practice, you're more than just an attorney. You're an entrepreneur.

This presentation will cover the realities faced by America's fastest-growing law firms, how to cultivate an aligned team, what true leadership looks like, and the best way to set transformational goals to achieve your vision for your firm.

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This complimentary gift is the perfect reminder to never settle, stay hungry, and always go after your most ambitious goals.


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Client Success Stories

The first month my videos were fully up and running I netted over $50,000 in sales; easily the best month I have ever had! 


Daniel Stockmann
Criminal Defense Attorney
Omaha, NE

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People constantly provide positive feedback on my videos and that they were a positive influence on their decision to hire me. 


Jocelyn Stewart
Court Martial Attorney
Tacoma, WA

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My video easily brought about a 10x ROI in less than a year. It had an instant impact and our firm was profitable very quickly. 


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Angus Lee
Criminal Defense Attorney
Vancouver, WA

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Video is critical, especially for solo and small firm lawyers. Crisp was terrific - they make you, your family, and your team feel comfortable, they have a ton of experience, and everyone I interacted with understands the value of video for lawyers.

Ben Glass
Founder of Great Legal Marketing
Fairfax, VA

I would tell anyone considering video for their law firm to choose Crisp Video. They guide you through the whole process – from the beginning to the production, to the posting of the videos. It's a great company to work with."

james payer
James Payer
Owner, Payer & Associates
Miami, FL

Crisp Video has mastered the technique of telling YOUR story to YOUR jury, the public. A clear, concise, humble, real story in your words is the "secret sauce" of Crisp Video. I love their product and you will love their results.

Harlan Schillinger
Legal Marketing Expert
Paradise Valley, Arizona




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