Crisp PRINT® Training

Revealing the WHY of You


Unlock your team's potential, sustain a BEST SELF culture, and take your firm to new heights.

Within your law firm, you can utilize the PRINT® assessment with everyone from long-tenured team members to potential job candidates. 

A Crisp PRINT® Training will allow you to:

  • Hire and align an engaged team with less stress
  • Build a high-performing team that understands how to work towards a common goal
  • Develop intentional, adaptable leaders who drive results
  • Sustain a BEST SELF culture and understand how to measure it
Crisp PRINT® Training

Is Your Team Ready for a Team Culture Revolution?

Discover the targeted solutions you need to enhance your team's communication and maximize your ability to achieve game-changing results every single day. With new approaches to personal and professional evaluation, onsite PRINT® training allows you to bring next-level development to your firm's human capital.

By unlocking the secrets of your unconscious motivators, you'll be able to understand the WHY behind your actions, reactions, and decisions — and consistently operate from a state of BEST SELF.

Ensure That Every Person is Working in Line with His or Her Natural Abilities
Never Again Have a Person in the Wrong Role
Increase Efficiencies in Your Office
Improve Team Communication & Delegation

What is PRINT®?

Going beyond the basics of WHAT you are, PRINT® determines the unconscious motivators that drive your thoughts, feelings, and actions (WHY you are).

Founded in 1981 by the revolutionary Paul Hertz Group, PRINT® identifies the hidden, underlying needs that will likely surprise you while also articulating the truth behind your daily actions. Once your unconscious motivators are determined, you can make the necessary changes to meet these needs and maintain a state of BEST SELF.

Crisp PRINT® Trainers

Our in-house team of trainers are specially equipped to empower legal teams and understand the challenges facing today's fastest-growing law firms.


Crisp's expert Program Advisors and Onsite Trainers are PRINT® certified and come right to your office to conduct the PRINT training onsite. This environment fosters an interactive, engaging experience where each team member is able to participate fully and focus on growing personally and professionally. 

Live, In-Person Onsite Training

Full Day of In-Person Coaching
Travel Included
10 PRINT® Assessments

Team Performance Report

Breakdown of Team Member Results
Highlight Key Strengths
Identify Areas of Improvement

Post-Training Strategy and Support

Consultation Call
High-Level Organizational Analysis
Success Tips for the Future

"The Crisp onsite training was an eye-opening experience for my employees. It was exciting to talk to them afterwards and get positive feedback. There have already been several productive meetings since the training. It was fantastic — wish I had done it years ago."

David Craig
Craig, Kelley & Faultless

Ready to Transform Your Team Culture?

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