Are You Ready to Push Past Your Limits? Prove It.

A Challenge for Crisp Clients Committed to Breaking Through Barriers to Achieve Transformational Growth


Law Firm Growth


Personal Transformation


Community Impact

What is it?

The Crisp Effect is a challenge for Crisp Clients designed to determine which attorney can achieve the most transformational growth by truly pushing past their limits.

This can involve both business and personal growth — everything from improving your team, client experience, growing revenue, community impact, personal health or all of the above. Wherever you want to focus your attention is up to you. 

We give you the tools to document your progress so that by the end of the challenge, you'll have a video that tells your transformation story.

Winning isn’t based on who has the highest revenue, the largest team, or the biggest market share. It's about who has leveraged the principles they've learned from Crisp to achieve the greatest transformation in their law practice.

We’re not rewarding ambition. We’re rewarding commitment and transformation.

Where your law firm is at now is just the beginning. We know there’s so much further you can go. 

So we’re laying down the challenge... 

What will you do now to create positive change?

Are you willing to step up and be even better?

Now is the time to see how far you can go.

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A Billion Dollar Vision

Our vision is to help 1,000 law firm owners grow their revenues by over $1,000,000 ($1B+ impact) by 2024.

Over the past several years, we’ve heard from numerous law firm owners about the transformational impact Crisp has made on their business and in their life.

It’s something they call... The Crisp Effect.

From writing the best-selling book in the legal industry The Game Changing Attorney to hosting the Largest Law Firm Growth Conference on Earth the Crisp Game Changers Summit, our focus has been on driving the legal industry forward and providing unprecedented support to law firms all over the country.

In last year's Crisp Effect Challenge and in working with hundreds of firm owners, we've seen that the ones that are truly committed to their goals and vision are willing to do whatever it takes. 

We want to reward those firms who are committed to their vision not only for the firm, but also their team, community, family, and themselves. 

And in true Crisp fashion, we're going to reward you for it in a BIG way. 

Since partnering with Crisp, I have generated so much momentum and traction that I blew my statistics out of the water financially. They don’t teach this s*** in law school. I’ve learned so much about how to run a business that I’m running circles around my competition.

Susan Chesnutt
The Chesnutt Law Firm

Crisp has exceeded all my expectations. The people that I’ve met through Crisp and the things that I’ve learned have gone far beyond anything I would’ve imagined. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Alexander Shunnarah
Alexander Shunnarah Trial Attorneys

I have more time to leave work early so I can catch the end of my 6-year-old daughter’s dance class, I’m a much happier person, and the big bonus is that I’m a much better attorney because I don’t have to worry about money and whether I am getting paid.

Dan Stockmann
Nebraska Interstate Drug Defense

How It Works

Document Your Transformation

We sent committed clients the tools to record footage of and document the transformation at their law firms. They were challenged to show us their business growth, team improvement, personal transformation, and the impact they've made in their community as a result of the principles they've learned from Crisp.

Compete Against Your Peers

We took that footage and created videos that showcased each Challenger's story. The videos were then put up for a vote to determine which transformation was the most impactful and compelling. It was not about which firm has the highest revenue or largest team, but rather the firm that made the greatest transformation. 

Premiere at the 2022 Crisp Game Changers Summit

The top 10 videos were premiered at the Crisp Game Changers Summit in front of thousands of the most committed law firm owners in America. The overall winner was voted on at the event.

Win the Grand Prize

After onsite voting at the Crisp Game Changers Summit, the attorney with the top video as determined by our audience drove off in the the grand prize.

The 2022 Grand Prize

Win Michael's Tesla!

After eight Teslas, a Ferrari, and a Rolls-Royce, we wanted to truly personalize the prize we reward our most committed clients with. What better way to reward your commitment than with a commitment from our own leader?

Say hello to the Tesla Model S Plaid, but not just any Model S Plaid — Michael Mogill's personal brand new Tesla!

This ultra-luxurious vehicle boasts the longest range and quickest acceleration of any electric vehicle in production — making it the highest-performing sedan ever built.

Want Michael's car?

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2023 Crisp Effect Winner: Erika Riggs


The Largest Law Firm Growth Conference on Earth

Game Changers Summit logo black

Thousands of the nation’s most forward-thinking and fastest-growing attorneys attend the Crisp Game Changers Summit for one reason: ideas and strategies they can take home and implement immediately to grow their practice exponentially.

The Game Changers Summit is two days packed with the best speakers, sessions, and takeaways from industry experts (and a few celebrities) that have generated massive impact for thousands of individuals and businesses. 

We take a holistic approach to law firm growth. So rather than focusing on how to improve your skills solely in the courtroom, the Crisp Game Changers Summit is the place to learn how the nation’s most successful law firms build the most efficient and results-driven teams, attract the best cases, and unlock unprecedented growth.

The Crisp Game Changers Summit 2022 featured some of the biggest names in leadership, marketing, business growth, and beyond. Not to mention, it achieved a legal industry first by being hosted at the world-class, largest venue in Atlanta — the Mercedes-Benz Stadium!


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The Crisp Effect is Brought to You by the #1 Law Firm Growth Company in America

Crisp Effect is brought to you by Crisp — the nation’s fastest-growing company of its kind: from $500 to $40M+ in under 8 years. That’s no accident.

After helping our clients generate over $450,000,000 in revenue, we’ve seen the inner workings of hundreds of firms large and small — and the consistent, repeatable factors that set the game changing successes apart.

We coach law firm owners to engineer that success. Not only through video production and elite marketing — but total transformation: how you hire, systematize, and focus.

We don’t just give you incredible video marketing.

We equip you to live up to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who documents my transformational story?

Short answer: you do.

When you get started with The Crisp Effect Challenge, you’re paired with a personal Transformation Concierge to guide you through the process from start to finish.

We make sure you have all the resources, prompts, and materials you need — so all you need to do is hit record.

What should I document?

Transformation is how you and your world change as part of The Crisp Effect Challenge — everything from how your business has grown to how your team has improved to the personal transformations you've experienced as a result of the principles you've learned and applied from Crisp. 

This is NOT a marketing competition. Winning isn’t based on who has the highest revenue, the largest team, or the biggest market share. We simply want to showcase who leverages Crisp principles, content, and marketing to create the greatest transformation.

Anything you have learned and applied from Crisp — including your video(s), marketing, and/or coaching should be documented. In addition, inspiration and key takeaways you have leveraged from our Summit, book, podcast, that you have utilized to drive change in your business, community or personal life qualify for The Crisp Effect. 

We’re not rewarding ambition. We’re rewarding commitment and transformation.

Does my transformation story need to be filmed by a professional?

The video you record just needs to be honest, emotional, and transformational. We make sure you have the tools and resources to capture footage in a meaningful and impactful way. 

When you get started with The Crisp Effect Challenge, you're matched with a Transformation Concierge to help you develop your narrative and equip you with best practices for capturing your transformation story. 

How do I win the next grand prize?

In short: experience the most transformational growth, share your story, and rack up the most votes by your peers and community.

The transformation stories will be voted on to determine which ones are the most dramatic, impactful, and emotionally compelling. 

The top videos will be featured and voted on at the 2022 Crisp Game Changers Summit. The overall winner, who will be chosen onsite, will drive off in the soon-to-be-announced grand prize. 

Who is eligible to participate in the challenge?

Any law firm that has produced a video, done marketing, and/or coaching with Crisp is eligible to participate in the challenge. Not yet a Crisp Client? Click here to speak with our team and get started. 

How long will the Crisp Effect Challenge go on? What is the final deadline?

You can submit your documentation for the Crisp Effect Challenge through August 19, 2022. The Crisp Game Changers Summit, along with the grand prize giveaway, will be held November 2-3, 2022.

What criteria is my Crisp Effect content being judged on?

Content submitted must demonstrate how, and in what ways, Crisp has helped the law firm and its principles succeed, achieve growth, improve and transform its business and the general health and life of its principles

Voters will consider the degree of transformation, success in relation to Crisp, and how emotionally compelling and engaging the video is.

How will final voting work?

We cannot divulge final details yet, but voting will occur during a set window between October-November 2022. Voting will be virtually available to law firms worldwide.

What if I run out of storage on my Google Drive?

Reach out to for storage problems. If you prefer to store your content on your own database, please inform us via

The maximum amount of content you can upload should not exceed 1 terabyte.

How do I know if I’m performing well? Is there a more specific method I can use to tell if I’m on the right track?

If you are following the guidelines listed here under "What criteria is my Crisp Effect content being judged on?", you're on the right track.

Just think — is this content something I would vote for? Something I find compelling?

Bader Scott Injury Lawyers had outgrown its network and many of the masterminds that we were in before, and when you combine Michael [Mogill]'s knowledge of the legal marketing space and legal management along with the amazing attorneys and law firms that are in the program, I felt like it was a no brainer.

Seth Bader
Bader Scott Injury Lawyers

Crisp has been our best asset during this pandemic. We are way ahead of the curve and feeling exceptionally confident thanks to their coaching. Excellent presentation at the team huddle and exactly on-point with the goals we discussed with her in advance. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful we are to be part of the Crisp community!

John Martin
KJC Law Firm

Working with Crisp has not only allowed us to brand ourselves, but has also given us a huge network of other personal injury law firms to share ideas, recommendations, and experiences with. Our CrispX meetings are probably the most beneficial and informational events that we attend.

David Laborde
Laborde Earles

Crisp is wonderful at keeping our focus on the big picture and maintaining the core values of the firm as we make decisions on firm growth, staffing changes, and particularly addressing the unique (and opportunity-laden) times we find ourselves in.

Mark O'Mara
O'Mara Law Group

Crisp works hand-in-hand with me and my firm. They know what my concerns are, and they stay on top of them. They stay on top of me to see that they don’t get ignored and that the goals that I’ve set receive the attention they deserve.

Geoff Newman
Newman & Allen

My experience with Crisp has been phenomenal. I'd say the most valuable thing I've learned is that it's all about how you look at things. It's a growth mindset. It's a growth mentality.

Marcus Viles
Viles & Beckman

I had high expectations, and that's not easy to beat. But Crisp has just been phenomenal. You get to meet a lot of top notch attorneys who have fantastic ideas. You learn a lot from Michael [Mogill] and his team.

David Craig
Craig, Kelley, & Faultless

The #1 thing is to always think larger, because the synergy of being around good people is terrific. It’s exponential. It’s not addition. It’s multiplication.

Joe Shannon
Shannon Law Group

You're working with people that are on your level. You're working with people that have reached financial success beyond yours. Crisp puts you around like-minded, positive people who have similar goals.

Howard Spiva
Spiva Law Group

Working with Crisp was the right thing to do. It worked actually better than planned. A small firm like ours is able to compete with the largest most successful law firms in the state.

Bob Janssen
Janssen Law Firm

The value and quality of our cases has increased. This revenue growth was the catalyst for us being able to move to a better office and location, which allows us to service our customers at a higher level.

Leslie Peters
Irvin Law

In the first year the video alone had a 600% ROI. It was the number one reason I was hired on many cases and contributed to other clients’ decisions to hiring me as well.

Alexander Shmulsky
Shmulsky Law

The investment with Crisp was not only the right thing for the longevity of the firm, but it served to energize the firm at a time when it was most needed. Our firm transition and rebranding would not have been as big a success without Crisp.

Lawrence Morizio
Morizio Law Firm

The demand for Morrin Law Office has skyrocketed. Before, I was signing clients who needed "an attorney," but now I'm regularly signing clients who want me, specifically, representing them.

Rob Morrin
Morrin Law Office

I've been running TV ads for a long time. Before working with Crisp, never in my time practicing law have I had people come up to me and say, "I saw your ad on TV, and that is really, really good." Now, I have three people a day tell me that.

Bruce Fox
Fox & Farley