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The Game Changing Attorney Resources

CHAPTER ONE: A David and Goliath Story

  • You can learn more about Dan Stockmann's story here

CHAPTER THREE: The Best Cases Go to The Best Marketers

  • A list of the all-time strikeout kings can be found here.

CHAPTER FOUR: Become the Obvious Choice

  • Check out Crisp's video, "Man on the Street: What Millennials Really Think of Attorneys" here.

CHAPTER FIVE: Tell Your Story

  • Watch Daniel Rosenberg's video here.
  • Watch Ben Glass' video here.

CHAPTER EIGHT: The New Buyer's Journey

CHAPTER NINE: The Case for Video Marketing

  • You can find out Travis Jacobs' full story here
  • You can learn more about Steven, the attorney who was in a catastrophic injury and uses that story to connect with clients, by watching his profile video here
  • Check out a strong example of a client testimonial video here.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: Marketing 101

  • Check out Aaron Watson's story here. You can listen to his testimonial here.
  • You can access our exclusive Social Media Cheat Sheet for Law Firms here
  • You can watch Kim's story for yourself here

CHAPTER TWELVE: How Do You Measure Success?

  • Learn more about Howard's story for yourself here
  • Learn more about Gary's story for yourself here.
  • Learn more about Keith's story for yourself here

CONCLUSION: Get Uncomfortable

  • Explore the Elk & Elk community involvement and outreach programs here.

Praise For The Game Changing Attorney

Honest. Thoughtful. Engaging. I wish I'd had something like this to read when I was new and small and starting out.
Randall M. Kessler
Randall M. Kessler ESQ., Past Chair of the American Bar Association, Family Law Section
Google 'law firm marketing' and you'll find a ton of books, most written by charlatans preying on a market they believe is (1) wealthy and (2) stupid about marketing. Michael Mogill 'gets it.' You are trying to do a good job for your clients, your family, and the folks you employ, and Michael is one of the few I'd trust to lead you to a happier, more productive life in the legal profession.
Ben Glass
Ben Glass Founder of Great Legal Marketing and Ben Glass Law
Michael Mogill's The Game Changing Attorney is a must-read if you are an attorney who wants to attract your ideal clients in the new legal landscape of the modern solo/small firm practice. He offers real insight and advice on distinguishing your brand and identity. This book teaches what lawyers need to know in the light, often-funny, and honest voice of Michael, making it an enjoyable read.
Alvaro Arauz
Alvaro Arauz Founder of 3A Law Management
Michael Mogill understands the power of emotional connection in the business of law. The Game Changing Attorney is a must-read for any law firm owner who wants to learn how to grow their practice exponentially.
Rich Sierra
Rich Sierra CEO of Florida Small Business Legal Center
As an executive within the legal industry, I've seen firsthand how hard it can be set yourself apart as a law firm owner. Many people have tried and failed to teach law firm owners what it takes to truly dominate your market. The Game Changing Attorney gets it right. If you want extreme law firm growth advice with a healthy dose of honesty and wry humor, read this book.
Magnus Simonarson
Magnus Simonarson President of Consultwebs
The Game Changing Attorney is funny, honest, and gives you a much-needed kick in the pants. Simply put, you need this book in your business.
Seth Price
Seth Price Founding Partner at Price Benowitz LLP and Founder of BluShark
The Game Changing Attorney will be a go-to guide in your law firm for many years to come. If you follow the steps outlined in this book, you will grow your law firm — no doubt about it. This book is fresh, honest, insightful, and jam-packed full of great law firm growth tips.
Howard Spiva
Howard Spiva Owner of Spiva Law Group
Michael Mogill's The Game Changing Attorney will help you get clear on the steps you need to take to achieve massive growth in your law firm. This book is truly a game changer.
Chris Dreyer
Chris Dreyer Founder of Rankings.IO
About the Author

Michael Mogill

Chairman, Crisp Ventures
Founder + CEO, Crisp
Co-Founder, CaptureNow

He’s also the author of The Game Changing Attorney, which has amassed a loyal following and earned the #1 best seller title in Amazon’s legal category. He’s also host of The Game Changing Attorney Podcast, the #1 most listened-to podcast for legal market leaders.

Michael has helped thousands of attorneys — from solo and small firms to large practices — differentiate themselves from competitors, improve their leadership and business operations, and earn millions in new revenue.

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